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All Professional Development Sessions will be based around Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Executive Function, Intentional Teaching and Literacy.

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The Yuma Region Partnership Council, in collaboration with Eight-Arizona PBS is pleased to announce:

Professional Development for Early Care and Education Professionals

…for all early childhood educators in Yuma County. Whether you are center-based, school-based or home-based, please plan on attending. No Charge!

All workshops will be held from 8:00am to noon with a light breakfast and check-in at 7:30am.


  • September 12, 2015
  • October 24, 2015
  • November 21, 2015
  • January 9, 2016
  • February 27, 2016
  • April 16, 2016 (Full Day Conference)
  • May 21, 2016
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First Things First partners with parents and families to help all kids stay healthy and be ready to succeed in school. The mission of First Things First, its programs, services, and funding helps this happen.



All sessions will be based around Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Executive Function, Intentional Teaching and Literacy and will directly apply to what you do every day. Join national and local experts in learning new techniques and practicing the proven methods you use every day.

You are encouraged to attend all workshops, or the dates of your choice.

There is NO Childcare this year!

Session Topics

September 12

Whole Group Workshop: Connecting with the Image of the Child Presented by Enrique Feldman.

Experience a morning with 2-time Grammy Nominated Artist and the Founder of the Global Learning Foundation, Enrique Feldman.  You'll learn how to use brain games and breathing strategies to help any child be ready to learn in and out of school.  Additionally, you'll also learn how to model artistic storytelling to increase the desire of children to read and to make the reading experience a more exciting and educational time.  Finally, you'll be guided in using both your creativity and critical thinking as you "Think like DaVinci;" a set of embodiment strategies which intentionally improve a child's understanding of science, engineering, math and language.


October 24

Social Studies and Dramatic Play Music and Movement Multiple Intelligences Classroom Managemetn Do You Have a Lending Library? Intentional Teacher Cohort

November 21

Block Play Starting Small: Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and Early Grades Increase Communication Skills to Increase Desired Behavior PreK CLASS Language Modeling Connected to Literacy Tools for Toddler Table Trenches Intentional Teacher Cohort

January 9

Sensory Play STEM in Early Childhood Infant Physical Development PreK CLASS Concept Development Connected to Literacy Encouragement: A Misbehaving Child is a Discouraged Child Intentional Teacher Cohort

February 27

Behavior: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly The Brain: Pattern Structure adn Novelty Transitions Positive Talk with Parents Social/Emotional Growth - Hands on Activities Intentional Teacher Cohort

April 16

Full Day Conference! Yuma County Early Childhood Educator Conference


May 21

Art: Process vs. Product The Power of Play Heredity, Environment and Development PreK CLASS Quality of Feedback The Development of Self Awareness and Self Regulation Intentional Teacher Cohort

Your Presenters:

Alma Barrandey, Donna Covarrubias, Gloria Renteria, Erica Jimenez, Lorena Larios-Magaña, Selene Arredondo, Carla Wyrsch and Erin Brandt

Intentional Teacher Cohort facilitated by Anna Bribiesca and Bobbi Firebush


If you have questions, please contact Mark Becker at


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